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everis Digital Operating Model

Throughout the value chain of the electrical utility industry, from generation to commercialization, we have identified opportunities to transform the way companies work and operate.

By providing them with a new vision of digital operations, aimed not only at efficiency improvement, but also designed to achieve better interaction with consumers, access to new business models and the creation of lean organizations.

Meet our Digital operating Model: Quanta

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Embracing new concepts

Our objective goes beyond merely cost reduction, we aim for operational excellence, risk reduction, customer experience, revenue increase and cost avoidance. Keeping in mind the evolution of the industry and the disruptive trends that affect it.

We incorporate transformational elements such as IPA (Intelligent Process Automation), drones or blockchain as part of Quanta to face these new challenges, adopting new capabilities that re-design processes and allow for participation in new models such as DERs (Distributed Energy Resources), Electric Mobility, Demand Markets, Microgrids, among others…

A digital approach

In this example we illustrate the different processes, methodologies and technologies that impact the companies operations and business lines.

Business value chain

Utilities network operations

Our framework consists of six stages that incorporate multiple digital enablers. Helping our clients go from beginners to masters in the employment of digital technologies and reaping their benefits.

Utilities network operations
  Utilities network operations
  • AprendizBeginner

    Systems are merely a support tool for processes inside the organization, which are aimed at transactionality and operational integrity. Some activities may be automated but without any clear strategy.

  • MaestroMaster

    The organization has many elements in place and a strategy and operation aligned to maximize automation. The technology employed is cutting edge and based on analytics and artificial intelligence.

Utilities’ areas of operations

Energy transport

Attain operational excelence and asset optimization whilst reducing risk and gaining grid reliability.

Energy commercialization

Obtain optimal management and customer service while achieving operational excellence in the different areas of your company.