Quanta Telco

The everis Operating Model

One of the top strategic objectives within operations is achieving efficiency. This attribute is pursued throughout the Operating Model, from network operations to client operations. However, we should also seek other objectives, such as strategic, lean, intelligent, flexible and agile.

At everis, through our Quanta operations model, we help to improve and streamline a number of processes to Telco operators.

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A major challenge

It is not just about achieving cost reduction, but rather pursuing an improvement in Customer Experience and achieving higher quality, transparency and easier management of processes throughout the organization.

To achieve this goal, elements such as artificial intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), drones or augmented reality are being implemented, not only to improve processes but rather to re-design them.

Keeping in mind that the disruptive technologies that have begun to arrive will change everything. For example, in order to implement 5G and netword virtualization, today’s changes must be flexible enough to adapt to future needs and requirements.

A digital approach

We work in three dimensions: value chain, multi-sector knowledge and methodologies and disruptive technologies. We represent it through the following example and we understand each of the icons as the nodes of a network, generating value by discovering new relationships and connections.

Business value chain
Design &
Construction &
Monitoring &
Operations &
Optimization &

Telco’s areas of operations

Network operations and maintenance

Improve your support and assistance processes to provide a higher quality service to your customers.

Customer operations

Increase efficiency in the processes related to customer touchpoints, from information search to loyalty.