Energy transport

Our vision on how transmission and distribution companies can achieve operational excellence and asset optimization, whilst guaranteeing grid availability and reliability, high security standards and the reduction of operational risk.

We have prepared a maturity assessment which will give you an insight of the new capabilities and initiatives you could undertake.

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Disruptive technologies to improve processes

Quanta responds to the trends that are being shown by the industry and is designed to help organizations get ahead of the challenges and be pioneers in new business opportunities.
Here is a brief example of the sort of tendencies and their economic relevance within the scope of the energy sector:

Potential value from digital utility initiatives worldwide between 2016 and 2025 (projected), in billion U.S. dollars.

A Grid open for innovation

Many of these opportunities can be easily represented in a graphic version of our value chain:

  • 1. Energy data analytics
  • 2. Energy side management
  • 3. Microgrid
  • 4. Energy storage
  • 5. Distributed generation
  • 6. Electric mobility

What can be accomplished…

A clear example of the application and possibilities enclosed by Quanta is shown with this energy company:


A company with +3.5 million customers and close to 85,000 kms of power lines, aimed to optimize their asset management, improve energy efficiency and enhance their customer relationship model.


They exploited their extensive network of sensors, implementing a cloud database and creating a usage & health index by using predictive analysis and energy management software.


A reuduction in time for forecast generation (from 10 weeks to 3 days), improved information management and a 60% cost reduction of IT services and structure.

Energy transport assessment

In this assessment you will find a series of questions regarding various aspects of your organization, this will help us construct a 360º vision that will help to define the readiness and the critical path needed to achieve digital and next generation capabilities within your organization.

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